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Research and research

Look for inspiration from various sources such as magazines and the internet.

Pick a theme

Consider who and what the event when selecting the theme. Try and pick a recognisable theme and then narrow down the characters, patterns and your choice of colour pallet. Remember, less is more so try and plan around only one inspirational item. Do not worry too much about matching all aspects, what’s more important is that you keep the look cohesive by selecting complimentary pieces.

Money matters

Consider your budget which will determine your choices for aspects such as decor, entertainment, invitations, venue, menu and party favours.


Give yourself enough time to plan and execute so that your vision properly comes to life.  Very few people can actually get away shabby planning. Also, you can consider delegating some aspects.

The venue

Make sure your selected venue adds some ambience of your event.


The choices for these are endless for instance, a delightful and mouth-watering cake that will stand out on your table. Should you decide on a cake, just ensure that it tastes as great as it looks.

Something Me

Simply put – personalise your event. Do not shy away from selecting elegant special pieces that tell your specific story and reflect your awesome personality.


Think out of the box. Your guests will be impressed and will love this refreshing touch.

You’re invited!

Send out impressive and inspiring invitations that will create anticipation and excitement for your event. Your invites will also give your guests a glimpse into what sort of fabulousness is in store for them.

Happy party planning! Enjoy the process and there’s no need to get stressed out.

Are you hosting any special event soon? Tell us what theme and inspiration you are going with.


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