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We styled this Hello Kitty themed party for an assertive little girl who turned 4 and had made it very clear that her party had to feature Hello Kitty. It does beg the question, who exactly is Hello Kitty and why is it that toddlers are especially drawn to her yet she has no famous cartoon of her own apart from making appearances on thousands of products around the world?

Our task involved putting together a wonderful Hello Kitty inspired party that would appeal to both boys and girls. Apart from executing the appeal factor, we had to ensure that the excitement of the day would be experienced all day long, thereby making it easier for the little angels to fall asleep once they got home. Those of you with children fully understand what we mean.

The colours for this party were pink and yellow and we put together a tablescape which on the one side featured a variety of sweets, customised mini candy cartons and gift bags for the kids to pack their goodies in. The centre of the table had custom labelled welcome drinks, cake pops, a Hello Kitty themed cake, cones filled with marshmallows, decorated cookies in the letter T for Thandiwe and the number 4. Cookies were part of this party as a little birdie told us that apparently Hello Kitty’s favourite hobby is baking cookies. The other end of the table featured an art station where the children could evoke their inner Picasso by colouring and putting together a kitty inspired paper face.

There was a special thank you gift to all the mums and dads who took the time out to come and share in the day, and brought their sugar plums out for a fun celebration. The parent thank you gift was home prepared Rosemary infused Olive Oil.

We love the fact that the kids particularly loved the very artistic face painting they eagerly queued to have done, and thereafter, they had their pictures taken in a Hello Kitty frame.

The party took place on a sunny Johannesburg day at the Cabanga venue that offered great scenic views of landscaped gardens, a swimming pool on the deck for children to dip into, and a DVD room that added to the children’s entertainment for the day.

Thandiwe’s birthday party was surely full of friends, love, laughter & pretty little details that made it all super-duper!

Present at her Frozen party, Princess Zandile had special guests from school, the neighbourhood and family, all of whom were kept entertained. The ultimate satisfaction for us though was that the birthday princess and her tiny friends absolutely loved the party and had such great fun, which made all the time and planning involved with this themed party ohh soo worthwhile.

Interesting Fact

Hello Kitty has a twin sister called Mimmy. You can tell them apart by noticing that Mimi wears her yellow ribbon on her right ear and Kitty wears her red bow on the left ear.


Event Styling & Stationery Designs: Something Me | Photographer: Carike Ridout | Cake: Russian Surprise | Venue: Cabanga | Cookies: The Pickled Plum | Cake Pops by Gail Florists: Oh Flowers!


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